Dorset Youth Association is a charity that has been supporting others for over 70 years.

We are the primary organisation supporting organisations working with and for children and young people in Dorset.  We provide support for over 350 different organisations who are working with over 40,000 children and young people in Dorset.

Some of these children and young people we help directly.  Many of these are amongst the most deprived in the county – suffering from bullying, homelessness, rural isolation and mental health issues.

We also support those organisations that are providing vital support to children and young people by sharing information that enables them to carry out their roles; by helping them become more efficient; provide joint training opportunities and provide funding information and advice.

Every year we have to raise funds to continue this work.

If you can support Dorset Youth Association you can be assured that your donation will be used to support others.

If you would like to consider becoming a regular donor please contact us to discuss your wishes, or click below to confirm your donation.

If you prefer to donate directly to enable us to support voluntary clubs and groups please see our relevant page where we would welcome your donation.

Thank you for considering donating to Dorset Youth Association.