Below are links to Campaigns, Consultations and Surveys;


The Charity Commission are consulting on their new guidance for charities that have relationship with non-charitable organisations - deadline 15th May

Masters of Research Youth Group enquiry

Consultation on Transforming Children & Young People's Mental Health green paper - deadline 2nd March

Children's Social Care Innovation Programme Evaluation Report

Results of consultation with the small charity sector

Homelessness: Review of Evidence

Youth Social Action review - call for evidence

Youth Participation: Life Skills Report; SEND Emplyability Report

Young Researchers Employability Report


Youth Mental Health debate requires input - 21st February

How to Support Parents of sexually exploited young people review

Improving Young People's Mental Wellbeing report on the campaign


NSPCC - Children's Disclosure of Abuse survey - closes 25th March

Consideration of Residential Care Options for children and young people survey and article on reasons - deadline 23rd February

The Big Care Survey