Below are links to Campaigns, Consultations and Surveys;


Letter re Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements in Dorset and Consultation Paper

Children's Commissioner - Life in 'Likes' report on social networking

Children's Commissioner - Forging Futures through Mentoring report

Dorset Healthcare study on the needs of mental health patients

Thinking about Adolescent Neglect Report from The Children's Society

Masters of Research Youth Group enquiry

Children's Social Care Innovation Programme Evaluation Report

Results of consultation with the small charity sector

Homelessness: Review of Evidence

Youth Participation: Life Skills Report; SEND Emplyability Report

Young Researchers Employability Report


'Get Consent' campaign and leaflet and poster

Mental Health & Service User review

Teenagency - How young people can create a better world and report

"Supporting young parents: Another approach" advocacy service 

Disrepect NoBody campaign and resources

Campaign to provide copy of The Lost Words to all Dorset schools

Young Minds Fighting For young people's mental health report #Fightingfor

Are We Listening campaign and Report

Together we can tackle child abuse campaign and scenarios 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

How to Support Parents of sexually exploited young people review

Improving Young People's Mental Wellbeing report on the campaign


Regulators invite feedback on Charities SORP by 4th February 2019

Armed Forces Covenant Survey on views of life in Dorset for our Armed Forces

Results of the Dorset VCS Survey