It is, once again, my privilege to present my Annual Report.

As is the case with many other charities, the past year has presented many challenges and forced us into making some very difficult decisions. The current economic climate is such that I strongly suspect that the coming year will also prove to be far from easy. 

It is to the great credit of our dedicated staff team that we have been able to maximise the impact of the revenues we generated and I take this opportunity to express our thanks to them all. I also wish to thank our trustees who give freely, both their time and considerable expertise, to ensure that we comply with all aspects of our charitable work and operate with fiscal prudence.

Despite extensive fund raising our income for the year dropped by over a half to £308,000. This was mainly caused by the reduction in our contracted work including monies raised from the Big Lottery Fund.  The vast majority of the funding for this work is payable in salaries, so whilst the drop in finance is considerable, the resulting effect on our stability is less dramatic.

We are very grateful to all of the volunteers who support clubs and groups, individuals and organisations that support our work and without their generous assistance we could not function.  Dorset County Council is also facing difficult times and has restructured their Children Services Directorate. They have however continued to support us and we very much appreciate and recognise their trust and confidence.

During the past year we have continued to help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people who frequently fall through the net provided by statutory services. We have continued to deliver our service to the many voluntary youth groups that rely on us for support and our workload has increased in complexity and volume. In addition we shall soon be offering a new and exciting initiative that provides a six week programme of multi sports activities to youth clubs and groups.

We shall, with vigour, continue our fund raising activities and do all in our power to respond to the ever increasing number of calls for help.

We are in a better position than some similar charities in local counties and our careful management of resources means that we are both stable and viable in these uncertain and challenging times. We may well have to make more difficult decisions but there is no doubt that we can face the future from a solid base and with confidence. 


Allen Knott

Chairman – Dorset Youth Association