A community group formed to start-up a youth club within a village to provide young people with positive activities and guidance. The newly formed committee had lots of enthusiasm and ideas but did not know how to go about setting up a club or what was needed.

They contacted DYA for guidance, our youth project worker visited the committee and took them through what was required to set-up a club, providing them with our ‘club start-up pack’ which provides templates and step by step guidance for everything needed to cheese establish a new youth provision and a progressive plan of implementation.

Assistance was provided for funding applications, recruitment, training and DBS checks for volunteers.

The club is now up and running, providing young people with positive opportunities and activities with ongoing support and advice from DYA.


“Many thanks for all your help and advice, it's very much appreciated, my task going forward now seems achievable and focused.”

“That was the most positive meeting we’ve had, it just seemed an impossible task, now we know exactly what we need to do and how to go about it.”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted from me, I felt overwhelmed but now I’m feeling much happier knowing you’re there to guide us.”