A mother with three children was finding it difficult to get her children to school on time. Their attendance was poor, and they had little respect for her.

A Family Link Worker was put in place to help the mother develop strategies to use in the mornings and to help her assert her authority and put in place boundaries. This helped to reinforce the importance of school and structure in the family home. The Family Link Worker attended the family home in the mornings for a few weeks, to support the mother and also to help her reflect on how the routine had worked once the children had gone to school. This approach meant that the mother took responsibility for her actions and enabled the change to be sustained once the link workers support was no longer needed.


The mothers own anxiety reduced around her children’s schooling as they began to attend more regularly and the eldest boys transition to secondary school went well and he attended full time with only one day’s absence. The attendance of the youngest two children improved to the point where they were at full attendance.

The mother is now more confident around putting in place boundaries and rewards/consequences, which helped the children to feel safer, and aided a more harmonious home life with fewer arguments.