We worked with one young person who was particularly reluctant to take part in the programme as it involved other children and young people. After persuading him to attend the Young Person’s sessions his confidence quickly grew. He recognised that other families experienced similar problems and seeing this for himself helped him to make decisions around how he would like his family to be and made him want to move forward.

He became very committed and attended every session. Throughout the programme the whole family has engaged well taking on the different ways of communicating, dealing with problems and encouraging good behaviour. The young person has developed his capability in dealing with stressful situations and controlling his strong emotions. This has given him the self-confidence to engage in other family interventions that have benefitted the whole family.

On the last session the young person was sad to see the programme finish but showed a real commitment to continue making improvements and a willingness to continue trying. His father acknowledged the impact of Strengthening Families and came along to say thank you and admitted that the programme made him realise things needed to change in order to have a more positive home life.

The Strengthening Families Programme not only empowered a whole family to move forward, but also enabled a young person experiencing difficulties to develop personally and make a difference within his own family.