Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is really good fun, watch our video where one of our Family Link Workers demonstrates how to use it and find more information here

Pizza Activity

This activity was organised by a Family Link Worker to support positive activities in the home, building a relationship between a mother and son.  Due to mum's disabilities, she is finding it difficult to engage with her son, with a breakdown in their relationship boundaries and routines were difficult for mum to enforce.  The Family Link Worker is supporting the family with positive activities to promote positive parenting.

The pizza activity is a quick and healthy way to engage the whole family - 1-99 years of age!  You can use pre-made pizza bases or make your own (easy recipe - equal amounts of flour to natural yoghurt i.e. 500 ml natural yoghurt + 500 g plain flour, add a teaspoon of baking powder - mix / knead / roll out!)  Add tomato sauce to base and a variety of toppings of your choice!  You can even make faces and see who can make the funniest one!

This is great fun for all the family and at a fraction of the price of shop bought ones 

Leaf Printing and Painting

A fun activity for all ages to do which involves finding natural items on a walk or in your garden, and using them to paint and print with

Instructions and completed examples here

Picking Up Leaves

A fun activity for young children 3- 11 years finding the leaves that have fallen.  Excellent for Autumn activities outside.

Just use the Leaf Identification Chart here and get outside to find the leaves.

Encourages speech and language skills, outside living, fine motor skills, communication

Completed example here

Stories to share

This story is one of our favourites and we highly recommend it to share with your child, particularly when they are feeling worried about things - The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside with illustrations by Frank Rodgers - we hope you enjoy it too

This is the story of Angry Arthur by Hiawyn Oram and Satoshi Kitamura - we use stories with some of the younger children we work with to help them talk about their feelings and emotions - this one can really help start a conversation about temper and anger and we would recommend - hope you enjoy sharing it too 

Mini Beast Hunt

A fun activity for families with young children to do in the garden, park or window box.

Printable Mini Beast Chart here

Mini Beasts to look out for include:

Butterfly; Bee; Dragonfly; Caterpillar; Grasshopper; Ladybird; Snail; Spider; Building a Wormery; Building an Ant Nest

Attachment between children and their parents - suggested read

Here is short video about a great book to use if you feel you need some support around how to deal with certain behaviours in your child. It's written specifically for parents and is a very informative and easy read.

Waving Bird Fun Activity

Printable Instructions


Scavenger Hunt for Families

Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Family Tree Activity

- Printable Overview - Photo Example

Gifts Activity

- Printable Overview - Photo Example

Starburst Game

- Printable Overview - Photo Example

Treasure Map Activity

- Printable Overview - Photo Example

When You Were My Age Activity

- Printable Overview - Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4

Compliments Activity

Printable Overview here

Photo Example

Calm Box 

Printable Overview and photo


Printable Overview - Ideas For Grab Bags


Printable Overview - Routines Links

Fun Creative Activity

Make your own greeting cards or pictures - painting fun! Ours is Easter themed but the only limit is your imagination!

Anger Management for your Children

Our Family Link Worker suggests resources they use to help children understand and manage their anger

Printable Overview  Photo Example 

Rainbow Rice Activity for Young Children

Our Family Link Worker suggests an easy rainy day activity for young children with Rainbow Rice

Printable Overview