David Chalstey

I have been a Trustee for Dorset Youth Association since 2009. I was born in Scotland but was brought up in Cheshire and North Wales and educated at Repton School in Derbyshire. At School I was a keen Cross Country runner and loved to be Outdoors, climbing in the Peaks and Snowdonia.

After School I worked in the City of London and during this time I became an Army Reservist. In order to serve as a Special Observer in the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) I was required to pass an arduous selection course and it was during selection for the HAC that I realised just how far you can push yourself. They were great times and I was lucky to serve with some inspirational and exceptional people. I love endurance sport and amongst many things I have run a triple marathon in one hit, attempted to cross the channel the long way for Dorset Youth Association (paddling 42 miles), competed in triathlons, run in the mountains (the Three peaks in 19 hrs, 24 peaks in 24hrs Snowdonia) and Climbed Ice in the Alps.

These days I am a member of the RICS  and work as a surveyor for a great local company and I continue to try to assist young people utilising my outward bound skills  - in June 2019 I was privileged to guide three outstanding teenagers around The Three Peaks which was successfully completed in less than 24hrs – they were outstanding and raised lots of money too!

My passion is making people realise they are capable of amazing things and expanding their horizons. Achievement is relative to where we are now it’s just having the motivation to say ‘yes, I can do that’ and take the first step towards it. Failure is irrelevant by simply attempting something you have gone further than most people already.