Jess Ledbury

I joined the team at Dorset Youth Association in June 2013 as a Family Link Worker. My role within the organisation is to work with families who need practical, direct support with a range of issues.

Previously I have worked in mental health and with young offenders around substance misuse. Although I enjoyed both these roles, I wanted to work more directly with families as a whole, using a holistic approach. This way of working was encouraged during my social work training. I have completed various training and development courses during my time at DYA, including Strengthening Families, Intense Support to Families with Complex Needs Level 4, and Group Teen Triple P. Continuing to develop my knowledge and skills in this way has enabled me to understand some of the problems families face, and provide strategies to support them in moving forward and sustaining this.

As a Family Link Worker, I have been able to work with a variety of different people and it is inspiring to see the changes some families can make when they have the right support and motivation. I feel that in order to achieve change the needs of the family should be addressed alongside each other, and not just individually.