Lorna Johnson

I have worked for Dorset Youth Association since 2010, where I have held a range of roles working with young people. Since 2015 I have worked as a Family Link Worker.

I come from a youth worker background and I am committed to a youth led/child centred approach. I am experienced with working with the hardest to reach young people in inner cities and rural Dorset. I have five year experience helping young people with learning disabilities and mental health issues achieve their potential and discover their skills and talents through group volunteering work and serving others. My career began as a criminal paralegal in a large inner city law firm where I advised and supported young people who had begun to offend and their families. I gained an insight into the stresses poverty and a difficulty family background can bring. I am committed to the Dorset Family matters link worker role and enjoy working with families and young people to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

I am driven by the belief that we all have amazing gifts and strengths and we can help one another discover and use them to the benefit of us all. Being on this journey of discovery with some one is fun, interesting and a privilege.