Lynne Rockey

I am the Coordinator for the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (UK) working part time from our Lubbecke Way office as part of the Infrastructure Team. I have been with DYA for over 8 years and in this role since conception of the project in 2012, when I trained as a facilitator for the programme.

Having developed and delivered the Strengthening Families Programme, I have a wide knowledge and understanding of what the programme provides and how it benefits the families.  My organisational and communication skills have helped to bring this project together and, through building excellent working relationships with other agencies, successfully deliver this project right across rural Dorset.  There is a huge sense of achievement in watching the change in families from when they first meet us to successfully completing the programme.

As a parent, and now grandparent, I understand how tough it can be, not only to ask for help but to then take that step of joining a parenting programme. When our children are young there is a natural bond between parents at the ‘school gate’ and a time to reflect on behaviours that it is likely we are all going through, that remind us that we are not alone in the difficult world of parenting.  As our children grow into young teenagers and start to make their own way, this support is not there and can make us feel isolated.  Parents and Young teenagers benefit from time to openly discuss their own concerns and issues, and I feel that this programme works with families to provide tools that can be used and the support and environment for open discussion.  I strongly felt this would have been a huge benefit to my family and wanted to be involved to make sure the programme was accessible to those who needed it.  I am very proud of the success that this programme has been in rural Dorset.

I hope that my compassion and approach to the role helps make this a little easier.