Research shows that volunteering makes us ‘happier’, and gives the feeling that we are a significant part of what is happening around us.

Volunteering means giving up your time to support others, and Dorset Youth Association could not continue without volunteers.

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Depending on how much time you wish to give and which of your skills you are giving to us we will try to provide a worthwhile and valuable volunteering experience to you.  Please look under ‘Roles available’ to see current volunteering opportunities.

If you have a specific skill you would like to offer to us please make contact – we may not have realised yet that we need your help!

Our volunteers have assisted in the office with routine administration, helped support young people who have additonal needs take part in activities through our Walking in Their Shoes Project, helped provide support in one of the clubs or groups affiliated to us and helped with fundraising.

Fundraising is extremely important and necessary to us, please go to the Fundraise page for more details

DYA are committed to providing you with an induction to the organisation, any training necessary, ongoing support by colleagues, providing a safe and healthy environment within our offices.