In 2015 The Fit4Life project was created in the wake of our two year Ambition Sports programme. We were able to acquire one year of funding through ‘Inspired by 2012 Health & Wellbeing Legacy Fund’, which enabled us to carry on with the positive work we had been carrying out in the area. This specific funding was centred around health and wellbeing and worked towards targeting those young people facing disadvantage, tackling health inequalities and inspiring them towards to healthier lifestyle.

“The project helped me to develop skills I didn’t know that I had within me”

Whereas the Ambition project focussed solely on young people accessing sports facilities Fit4Life looked holistically at health and wellbeing and introduced new aspects the project. Along with our regular sport sessions we also ran healthy eating workshops, fitness classes, girls only sessions and drug and alcohol awareness sessions. The project also successfully delivered the Life’s an Adventure Project on behalf of STEPS Club for Young People. This funded enabled all young people to have increased access to adventurous activities. We regularly ran sessions at Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre, and also visited UK Youth Avon Tyrell.

“I have been able to learn new ways in which to prepare and cook food, which I didn’t think I could do. Now I don’t have to buy so much junk from the supermarkets”

We were also able to create the Fit4Life website, which allowed to group together national and local organisations that focus on children and young people’s health and wellbeing so young people had an easy one site access to all the information they might need to help them through a situation.

“I didn’t think that anyone actually cared that I was healthy. Thanks to Fit4Life I can now say someone does”

During the project we were also able to gain funding from Active Dorset our local Community Sports Partnership. Through their funding we were able to create Pilates4Life, a 6 month project engaging young women who were young mums, young mums-to-be or those who were disadvantaged. We engaged 14 young women during the project. They took part in Pilates sessions with a fully qualified antenatal coach who specialised in working with young mums. These young women thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and gained a Pilates starter kit so they were able to continue their exercises from the comfort of their own home.


Over the year Fit4Life directly worked with 229 young people, with 182 and 129 young people completing 4 or more and 6 or more sessions respectively.

We helped support 14 young people to become ambassadors and be actively involved in all aspects of the project, from helping run session, promote the project to friends and attending meetings on behalf of the project.

Fit4Life successfully accredited 41 young people through the AQA Unit Award Scheme in subjects from Football to healthy eating workshops.

Fit4Life has a lasting legacy in Weymouth and Portland with 229 more young people in the area developing the skills to improve their health and their lifestyles.