Charities anticipate 'bleak winter' as more families face financial crisis

MP's launch inquiry into economic impact of COVID-19 on young people

New guide to supporting migrant children through age assessments

1 in 8 children in care 'placed in unregulated settings'

Parents raise concern over impact of school return on children's mental health

Council leaders call for more funding as children' services referrals set to rise

Migrant children need support of trained advocates, charities warn

A third of girls 'won't post on Social Media without image enhancement', study finds

Adolescents four times more at risk of physical abuse than younger children

Child to parent violence 'increases during lockdown'

Children exploited by gangs in lockdown 'most at risk of exclusion in September'

Children raise concerns about impact of school return on Mental Health

Out of The Pandemic - a road to recovery for our children

Concern over young people's mental health during Lockdown

Coronavirus - Boris Johnson says it is vitally important children return to class

Teens anxiety levels dropped during Pandemic

Children from across the UK ask Government Scientists their questions about Coronavirus

Lockdown measures reduced risk of COVID-19, but had unintended consequences for children

OFSTED to focus on impact of children's social care exemptions

Young people have a key role in our nation's recovery

Latest Guidance on Face Coverings from GOV.UK

Low Pay and Long Hours Threaten Early Years Sector

Pandemic takes toll on children's mental wellbeing

Prioritise Children in Future Lockdown Plans

Schools 'must come before pubs and restaurants' in future

Service Cuts and Benefit Changes Hit Support for Families in Poverty

Third of Youth Workers 'Not Trained' to Deal With On Line Harms, new survey warns

Changing the system, not the child debate by DCS

Improving support for parents in childhood development

Children's Minister puts children and families at the heart of recovery

Early Years funding allocation changes

ICSA releases new guide for reopening

Almost 1 in 3 charities might not survive

NSPCC updated definitions on signs of child abuse

National Youth Agency calls for youth workers in every secondary school catchment area

ADCS Report - Building a Country that works for all children post COVID-19

Back schools with funding or risk 'spike in youth violence', report warns

Managing Through COVID-19 Report

Children and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus Mental Health and Wellbeing Report from Barnardo's

Huge rise in reports of online child abuse images

New focus on babies and childrens health as new review launches

Safeguarding children at risk from sudden unexpected infant death

Children's Commissioner wards 120,000 teenagers at risk of 'falling off the radar'

Kickstart Jobs Scheme - what has The Chancellor promised for young people

Maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace

Majority of children no longer need to shield 

National Lottery Community Fund announces £45bn Coronavirus partnerships

Remote therapy could bring positive outcomes to young people after Lockdown

Third of young people left without mental health support during Lockdown

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out of school settings

Protective measures for out-of-school settings during Coronavirus

All Schools in England to Return in September

Mobilise Youth Workers to help return to school

PM asks Danny Kruger to find out how charities can support COVID-19 recovery

Schools eligible for Summer Food Fund

Government unveils £350m tuition plan to help disadvantaged pupils catch up

NEU Reveals Summer Catch Up Programme for Vulnerable Children

COVID19 affects BAME children's mental health more than white peers

County Lines gangs adapting to COVID-19 Lockdown, new report warns

Supporting Young People and Parents - the impact of COVID-19 on adolescents, parenting and neglect

Article 39 launches legal action against DfE relaxation of statutory duties

Covid-19 increases risk of mental health issues in Under-5s

New website for VCSE organisations #NeverMoreNeeded

Seeing lockdown through an infant's eyes

County Lines after Covid - a new threat?

Extra support for children and young people's mental health services

Half of disadvantaged pupils could stay at home as schools reopen

Lockdown restrictions threaten youth groups

Low demand for childcare puts sector at risk

Reporting serious incidents to the Charity Commission during the pandemic

Groundbreaking Survey Concerns About Children's Mental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

OFSTED Fast Tracks Children's Home Registrations in Response to Pandemic

Social Workers to be placed in schools to support vulnerable children

Children's Minister pledges funds for SEND

Latest information on the Government Grant Fund

National Data Standard for Youth Work Launches

Children's Minister Pledges £37m for SEND budget

Government announces £150m more in Coronavirus charity funding

School closures and he's not getting up until 1pm

Young people 'overwhelmed by panic and anxiety' during lockdown

NCVO criticises the government

CIPD Workplace Guide - returning after COVID-19

Coronavirus Increase in Crime and Cyber Crime - update from The Charity Commission

New guidance launched to help Brits get back to work safely

Quaranteened helping teenagers cope with lockdown

Security Checklist for homeworking from ICO

Charities need to articulate their role as we rebuild together

Stepping up to prepare for a return to the 'new normal'

The UK Governments COVID-19 Recovery Strategy

Where to report and get support during lockdown

Working safely during Coronavirus

Charity calls on extra support for adopted children on return to school

Coronavirus - separated families and contact with children in care

Coronavirus support for bereaved children and young people

Coronavirus Home-Schooling Helpline for parents launched

Coronavirus Social Care Legislation

DfE names projects to get emergency funding for vulnerable young people

New insights into life under lockdown

Responding to COVID-19 issues affecting children and young people

Understanding the Nature of Modern Slavery

Update on the Governments £750m Support Package for Charities

Youth services must be part of lockdown exit strategy, urges NYA

Children's Commissioner for England - Government must revoke changes to statutory duties

We're All In This Together - Report from The Children's Commissioner

COVID-19 Guidance for VCSE Organisations

DfE Unveils Home Learning Support as fostered children stay away from school

Early Years Sector in 'Jeopardy' after Government U-turn on Furlough Funding

Government rejects call for more charity Coronavirus Funding

Hundreds of Children Suffer Neglect and Abuse During Lockdown

Local Government Association - sector support on COVID-19

Manage financial difficulties in your charity caused by COVID-19

NCS cancels summer programme in normal format

Supporting Young People to Reduce Risk of Trauma

Youth Work Services move on-line to protect vulnerable children

Coronavirus - increased risk of fraud and cyber crime for Charities

DFE Unveils Home Learning Support as Foster Children Stay Away From School

Early Years Sector in Jeopardy After Government U-Turn on Furlough Funding

Furlough Flaw in Scheme re Employees Agreement Not To Work

Childline - Coronavirus Childrens Concerns

Workers able to carry over some leave due to COVID-19

On-line Child Sexual Abuse

What to report to the Charities Commission

Coronavirus and amended rules around Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Dorset Council's latest advice

Specific actions for social and community care staff visiting homes

Other News

UK Government publishes three new reports - case reviews England

Youth Service and Knife Crime Violence

Budget 2020 - key themes for businesses

Councils face funding gap for care leavers

Government publishes map of the UK showing regional spend

Postage rate increase

Adverse Childhood Experiences Guidelines not a quick fix

Major increase in Mental Health problems among NEET young people

Government briefing on out of area placements for Looked After Children

Report that knife crime epidemic fueled by cuts to vital service

Childline Report Remove tool now available for children and young people

Children from deprived backgrounds most likely to use learning apps

Disadvantaged children benefit most from formal childcare

Every complaint about charities matters

Kindness is contagious and its worth catching

Prioritse youth services to tackle knife crime

There's no place for average in social mobility

What is education for?

Where are England's charities?

Children who sit too much more likely to be depressed

Evidence briefing on the relationship between mental health and school attainment, attendance & exclusion

New mothers in England to receive health check 6 weeks after giving birth

Off-rolling hides true extent of disadvantage gap in schools

Plac2Be to launch 25 new bursaries to boost number of child counsellors

Youth Workers could be deployed in Police Stations

Importance of parental relationship to raise healthy children

School pupils with mental health issues reluctant to use Peer Mentors report

Councils name Children's Services as biggest financial pressure

Safeguarding 'Who Cares' portal

Children's Society gets funding for County Lines work

Government launches charity safeguarding portal

Local Authority support for children in need update

Mapping current research into Sexual Abuse

The different forms of child exploitation blog

Understanding the extent and nature of child abuse using National Statistics

Visit Parliament with your youth group this summer - Deadline 3rd February

Minimum Wage rises 1st April

Safeguarding children missing education

The Birmingham Pedajolly on the Pedagogy Fun Train

Transgender and charities

UK Social Sector Health Check Report

Children in Care Statistics

Safeguarding children in education: Children missing education

Children across the UK exploited by County Lines

Social Media - Facebook and child abuse posts

State failing too many children in care

Larger charities urged to prepare for new employment rules

Councils report rise in number of homeless young people

Manifesto for a Better Childhood

National Youth Agency manifesto calls for investment in youth service

Prioritise mental health support for children in care

Pupils call for more online sexual abuse tuition

Sector urges for more men in early years settings

Characteristics of Children in Need 2018-2019

Education Secretary calls for end of unregulated placements for under 16's

Election Special for Trustees from the Charity Commission

Escaping the Trap - supporting homeless young people

Government announces £12m boost to youth services

No protection on the streets - report from young people

School exclusions leads to rise in crime report

The Skywalkers and other troubled families

Resolution Fund briefing - A Fraying Net for young people

Reinvigorating Social Work Programme feedback

Increase in children at risk and in need slows

Are charities paying too much VAT on Energy Bills

Early years providers urged to check for council underspends

Fingers Crossed for the National Lottery Community Fund anniversary on 29th October

Get Ready for Brexit for charities

Government confirms councils duty to support victims of Domestic Abuse

Making the Grade: how education affects mental health in young people

Regional Cyber update

Tougher inspections needed to improve SEND support

Update from on Safeguarding

Children with complex needs home schooled as last resort

Community action youth clubs and groups face steep funding challenges

Education & Health Care Plans for SEND - Learning lessons from complaints

Everyones Business - Safeguarding for Trustees 2019

1 in 10 children 'removed from school' unofficially

Our Decision - DBS guidance

The Cost of a Child 2019

DWP invests £4m in youth employment scheme

FREE digital tool launches to help small charities measure happiness

How my son went from gamer to gambler

National Youth Engagement Project

Thoughts from the Centre for Youth Impact

Govt reveals extra funding for county lines

Update on Charity Commission changes and requirements

Value of the Charity Sector Report

Youth Jobs Gap - The long-term NEET population report

Brexit and Charities

County Lines article from The Guardian

How can we support children & young people who self-harm

Knife crime video being made available to young people

Parents - safeguarding and sports week

Research project launches to better protect vulnerable children

Time to Protect the Volunteers

A Wellbeing guide for Comms professionals from NAVCA

Children's manifesto request from the Children's Commissioner for England

NAVCA looking for people to help develop digital services for the sector

New guidance about independent examination of accounts

Thousands of companies missed accounts deadline

Spending Round delivers extra funding for children and young people

Useful Government Updates for Charities from

What do employers need to do about 'no-deal' Brexit?

Highway Code changes

Safeguarding - is your school tackling county lines

Social workers see merit in devolved budget approach

Thousands of homeless children forced to live in shipping containers

Drug crime moves from cities to villages

What3words app

School Social Workers pilot shows early success

Serious youth violence report

Youth Custody Resettlement work found to be inadequate

Charity whistleblowers - how and why we value them

Childminding inquiry hopes to make professional popular again

Congratulations letter to new Prime Minister from Youth Charities

Exclusions numbers stabilise except for deprived pupils

Government launches review of youth work guidance

Shortage of holiday childcare in 2 out of 3 local authorities

10-year plan urged for schools and colleges under high need pressure

When is a child old enough to be left home alone

Children as young as 7 exploited by County Lines gangs

Manage your Cyber Risk in the Third Sector

MIND calls for review as thousand could miss out on PIP

Number of pupils with SEND rises to 1.3m

3 in 5 young people have experienced mental health problems

YouGov research on 'What Motivates Charitable Giving'

Changes to Post-16 education proposed

Councils warn over 'inadequate and unsuitable' funding to tackle homelessness

How Restorative Parenting can help children in care recover from trauma

Infant Mental Health article

New measures to support disadvantaged children in schools proposed

New programme to protect children at risk of exploitation announced

Paralysis in Government is letting down children in need

Karl Wilding appointed next Chief Executive of NCVO

Vulnerable children lose out on advocacy services

Universal Credit children are going hungry

Research show postcode lottery in 0-5s speech and language service

Case Reviews Update from NSPCC

Charities & trading - paying less tax

Child Protection in Sport - Parents Promise

Flying the rainbow flag in social work

Integrated early years support: Children's Centres & beyond

Looked after children and self-harm podcast

Self-harm findings from The Lancet

£15m investment to help keep families safely together

Roblox - an innocent game?

Serious Case Review

Almost 1500 children locked up in England at a cost of a third of a billion pounds a year

Charity Trading update

Child Poverty statistics

Child poverty is the 'new normal'

Deprivation of liberty changes

The World Wide Web at 30

Anxiety found to be key factor in youth unemployment

Help the British Youth Council save the Youth Department of the Council of Europe

How to create a strong risk register

New Programme to protect children at risk of exploitation

Support Muslim Colleagues during Ramadan

VCSE Learning on Safeguarding from NSPCC

Adolescence mental health - managing the transition

Being too harsh on yourself could lead to OCD and anxiety

Exploring relationships with young people with SEND

Government update on cyber crime

Language of care unfairly labels children

NSPCC Case Review update

RCPCH responds to World Health Organisation physical activity guidelines

Safeguarding for Charities - Roundtable report

The mums who took cocaine during play dates

Unexplained pupil exits

Government Update on Cyber Crime

Attainment gap widens for children in care

Councils have SEND shortfall of £1.2bn

Government pledges free sanitary products for primary schools

Primary pupils speak of suicide in 'growing mental health crisis'

Serious Case Reviews Update

One fifth of smaller charities struggling to survive

Freemasons provide multi-year core funding

Gift Aid Small Donation limit to rise

One in 10 home-school educated children known to social care

One in 3 areas cutting early mental health help for children

Small trading tax exemption limits

Supporting young parents to reach their full potential

Wilshaw warns MPs over exclusions link to violent crime

World first internet safety laws proposed to safeguarding children

Young People to develop youth charter with government

DfE pledges £31m to address Education Psychologist shortages

Equality & Diversity update from the Charity Commission

Excluded teens are often the most vulnerable

Goodbye GSI in Charity Commission emails

JustGiving removes fee from donations

Plans for new register for home-educated children

Updated resource for addressing impact of parental conflict

What progress are we making to transform our population

Boost youth employment initiatives to help knife crime

Display of trustee legal names extension

IR35 Update and clarification

New school places for children with SEN

PAYE: Statutory sick pay and statutory pay for parents update

Protect & Respect - NSPCC CSE Programme evaluation

Updated resources for NHS England on social prescribing

Quick introduction to VAT1 and VAT2

Ban on off-rolling among calls to tackle youth crime

British Youth Council receives funding to deliver 'Youth Voice'

Call to improve support for wider children's workforce

Call to tackle effect of Domestic Abuse on children

Chairs speech to the Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting

First 100 days Houses of Commons Report

Football club funds study that could save children

Helping to support young people after abuse

Hinds announces SEND free schools

Hospital youth work initiatives in line for funds

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage update

Viral 'Momo Challenge' is malicious hoax

Warning for Office 365 users

Ready, set, GO guide to climate change demonstration

Black pupils more likely to be diagnosed with a special need

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Bill through the Commons

PTSD affects 1 in 13 by age of 18

Minimum Wage and Sleeping-In update

MPs slam government over rejection of early intervention strategy

One in four councils plan children's services cuts

People locked in poverty

Supreme Court ruling could help thousands of children threatened with DBS disclosure

Calls for register of home educated children as figures soar

Government Early Years policies are entrenching disadvantage

Opportunity for charities to become authorised advisors to EU citizens

Report on pressures on children's social care

We must not lose sight of the Children in Domestic Abuse Bill

Where to live if you're young

Children's Commissioner - Children an after-thought for social media giants

The importance of safeguarding and protecting people for Trustees

Developing Capacity & Diversity of children's social care services

Families waiting too long for special needs support

High demand on charities services will continue

Minister admits lack of progress for Travellers pupils

Young People's mental health a priority for NHS

Councils reminded of their duty to provide alternative education

How councils respond to County Lines

Local Authority & Children's Homes Inspections and outcomes

Making the case for Early Intervention

Regulator finds quality and transparency in charity accounts has fallen

Six examples of good practice in care leaver support

Councils reminded of their duty to provide alternative education

Local Authorities & Children's Homes in England Inspections & Outcomes

Six examples of good practice in care leaver support

BREXIT for charities and Preparing for a No Deal BREXIT

Charity Commission - Check and update your charity details

Children's Service cuts 'a false economy'

Councils mustn't thrown away the rule book in the face of pressue

First Child House for child sexual abuse victims

Government proposes voluntary safeguarding code for out-of-school settings

Mental health Inquiry urges removal of parental power to have child detained

Mental health - Government urged to invest in charities helping marginalised young people

Outgoing NAVCA Chair expresses frustration over government

Serious violence £200m fund open to youth projects

Spending on children's centres falls by £110m

Call to end unnecessary criminalisation of Children in Care

Child Poverty: one million under 10-s face desperate Christmas

Children's Service experience major increase in FGM

Mental health disorders on rise amongst children

Mental health - 5 people called Met Police 8655 times

1 in 8 of 5-19 year olds had mental health disorder in 2017

Mental health disorders among young people increasing

Pace of children being taken into care accelerates

Updated Governement guidance to support trustee decision-making

Data Protection - GDPR update, reference guide, assurance from the ICO