BREXIT for charities and Preparing for a No Deal BREXIT

Charity Commission - Check and update your charity details

Children's Service cuts 'a false economy'

Councils mustn't thrown away the rule book in the face of pressue

First Child House for child sexual abuse victims

Government proposes voluntary safeguarding code for out-of-school settings

Mental health Inquiry urges removal of parental power to have child detained

Mental health - Government urged to invest in charities helping marginalised young people

Outgoing NAVCA Chair expresses frustration over government

Serious violence £200m fund open to youth projects

Spending on children's centres falls by £110m

Call to end unnecessary criminalisation of Children in Care

Child Poverty: one million under 10-s face desperate Christmas

Children's Service experience major increase in FGM

Mental health disorders on rise amongst children

Mental health - 5 people called Met Police 8655 times

1 in 8 of 5-19 year olds had mental health disorder in 2017

Mental health disorders among young people increasing

Pace of children being taken into care accelerates

Updated Governement guidance to support trustee decision-making

Future of early help 'under serious threat'

Lets celebrate the role of Trustee

One in twelve children face lifetime of disadvantage

Social Workers starting 1000 new cases each day

Early Years Sector 'systemically underfunded'

Increase in number of children at risk of abuse and neglect

More children 'at risk' should stay with families

Children affected by domestic abuse must be given protected status

Children's Commissioner reports on vulnerable babies

Government considers inclusivity incentives for schools

Government to toughen child safeguarding requirements for charities

Governement launches new collaboration with Barnardos to support care leavers into work

Loneliness stategy to improve access to community spaces for young people

Massive increase in children's services statutory responsibilities

Mental health checks for looked after children

Tens of thousands of children in England rejected for mental health support

The Good Childhood Report 2018 - full report and summary

Charity Commission to work with charities to address systemic underreporting of serious incidents by charities

Intra-familial abuse report

One in four children turned away by mental health services

Responding to Child Abuse linked to Faith and Belief

Tens of thousands of children rejected for mental health treatment

At-risk children left to fend for themselves

Bizarre excuses for filing company accounts late

Care proceedings duration rises to 30 weeks

Damian Hinds announces School Sports drive

Fall in missing children incidents linked to 'county lines'

Appreciative Inquiry without the appreciation - how to adopt a strength-based approach

Reducing parenting conflict local government briefing

Assoc of Directors of Children Services comments on council cuts

Charity Commission report shows incorrect reporting

Councils plan more cuts to Children's Services

DfE to fund alternatives in bid to reduce care numbers

Multi-agency unit to tackle 'County Lines' crime

Rise in counselling sessions on peer on peer sexual abuse

Scammers steal half a billion pounds from UK Banks

School support for pupils affected by domestic abuse goes national

Strengths based social care for children, young people and families

Three quarters of young people seeking mental health support suffer during wait

A Quiet Crisis

Almost all cuts to social care in England are in the poorest areas

Children's Funding - it's code red

Number of children in care for emotional abuse soars

Gypsy children suffering racism in school

Health visitors should lead on infant mental health

Prepare a Charity Annual Return reminder

Britain shared spaces are vanishing

Government invests to increase places for disadvantaged children in youth organisations

Initiative to help youth sevices raise commercial income

Women's Aid showing hidden victims of Domestic Abuse - Children

Cuts to Early Help Services "inevitable"

Voluntary register of youth workers

Youth Workers to be recruited to mental health support teams

Charity Commission issues Privacy Statement

Child Trafficking in the UK - Snapshot report

Toxic Trio numbers in UK

Submitting your Charity Annual Return online

Insider Fraud Alert for Charities

Government urges the VCS to embrace digital technology

Civil Society Strategy will help charities most in need

What does high-quality Early Years Education look like

EU Settlement Scheme - Employers toolkit

How Early Help can impact on Childhood disadvantage

NCS to roll out new contracts to link with local groups

The value of small is far bigger than imagined

What the Mencap sleep-in judgement means

Don't be a Polar Bear

A Place to Belong - the role of local youth organisations in addressing youth loneliness

Children's Social Care data 2018

Millions of families worse off

More funding won't halt care number increase

National Lottery revenue falls

Record numbers of severely obese children

The State of Children's Service 2018-19

Concerns over the Doki Doki computer game from BBC Children in Need

Child Mental Health referral figures update

Child Mental Health review of tranistion to adults mental health service

All Party Parliamentary group report on children's safety and varying system of social care

Schools relationships education to include mental health sessions

All local authorities to replace LSCBs by September 2019

'Growing Up Neglected' report on older children living with neglect

SEND exclusion practice faces legal challenge

Sensible teens behind pregnancy rate drop

Results of inquiry into Thresholds for accessing Children's Services in England

Trials of baseline checks for reception age children to start this September

Automatic Disqualification of Trustees and people in senior position changes and update

Teachers say children face mental health epidemic

Children in Need and Child Protection statistics

Barnardos say Children at reisk of multiple dangers

Older children slipping through the net into neglect

SEN employment initiative to expand

Keeping the Charity Commission details uptodate

Charities must allow for electronic donations or fall behind

Charity fined for data loss

Early Years sector faces leadership shortage

Increase in Child Protection investiations

More than 350,000 children destitute

4 million adults turned to food banks

Protecting childrens rights post-Brexit

Sex, Drugs and A&E for the under 30s

Spiralling care costs cause others to miss out

The Great British Sell off of public assets

Victims to help develop child exploitation programme

Child Abuse and Neglect webinar available

GDPR: Have Questions? webcast

VCS organisations hold the key to personalisation in healthcare

Government acknowledges value of voluntary sector

Teenagers and single parents at highest risk of Domestic Abuse

Women in abusive relationship don't recognise the signs

Data Protection - GDPR update, reference guide, assurance from the ICO

GDPR is a wake up call for the sector

School referrals for mental health treatment rises by over a third

Adopted children 2017 statistics

Reponses to the Government's Green Paper on Children's Mental Health from British Association of Social Workers; Children's Commissioner for England; Commons Select Committee

Local Statistics from Office of National Statistics

Survey shows more than a third of young people have self-harmed

Third of children referred by schools denied mental health treatment

Mother of Domestic Abuse survivor tells her story

Benefits of reducing parental conflict article

Drugs gangs recruiting children from small towns

Homeless young people - statutory guidance

Local charities are in 'precarious position'

New survey shows self-harm statistics

UK has worst environment for charities

Will the Third Sector exist in 20 years time?

Young People's mental health support too hard to find - report

Child Poverty rise set to raise pressure on social services

JustGiving changes to donation fee model

New support for children living with alcoholic parents

New website for professionals working with children of offenders

Parental conflict initiative to be trailled in 30 areas

Awareness of insider frauds in charities

Children fuelling rise in child abuse images

Meeting the increasing demand for service

Primary School counselling saves money

School sex abuse on the rise

Social Prescribing - Just do it

Youth Leaders appointed to Government Serious Violence Taskforce

Homeless Link's latest Report

Guidance on adult to child ratios in early learning and childcare settings

Watch out for CEO fraud in charities

Autism research now vital

Children of ill parents 'invisible' to services

Fall in young people 'staying put' in foster care

Four in ten councils 'unwilling to take child refugees from other areas'

General Data Protection Regulations update

How we weather family life, or not

Providing services for both adults and children

Early Years Sector reliance on volunteer

Children in Poverty Impact Assessment from Equality & Human Rights Commission

Little progress on speech and language support for children

Postage increases from 26th March

Primary staff lack help to steer children from gangs

Support at 'cliff edge' for older teenagers

Young people to help design £90m youth programme

Children Protection demands rise on Local Authorities

DfE appoints partner to deliver Care Leavers Covenant

Families face lack of affordable childcare

Gingerbread Report - profile of single parents in UK

Involving children and young people in governance

LGA Youth Service Strategy

London Youth urges NEET overhaul

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage update for 1st April 2018

New Radio 4 series - The Charity Business

Children's homes closures on rise

Poor joint working on children's mental health

Turning the Tide report - from Ambition and Action for Children

UK Charities commit to strengthening safeguarding

Young CSE perpetrators display general criminality

Serious Case Review

Reminder for charities to use the regulated financial sector

Charity charges by the ICO

DfE announces funding to extend support for care leavers

Councils call for Hospital Advisers to protect children from DV

Funding for Troubled Families vital

Life improves 'in care' for most looked-after children

Converting to Charitable Incorporated Organisations guidance

Council launches charity to support care leavers

Foster Care in England review

Parental drinking leads to neglect

Safeguarding & Reporting procedures - new guidance

Changes to Local Safeguarding Children's Boards to start in May

What do Oxfam, horse meat and small charities have in common

Children's Services is biggest pressure for councils

Youth Justice Statistics

Safeguarding must be key governance priority for all charities

Adoption breakdowns rising

Duke of Cambridge addresses Charity Commission and Chairman's response

Data Protection update

Families facing hardship due to childcare system

Government mental health plans lack early years focus

Government yet to decide whether to continue EU youth policy

More than half the children in some areas in UK living in poverty

Challenges of safeguarding children who are not attending school

Tax-free childcare system

Violence & self-harm in youth custody rise

Stop Loan Sharks witness statistics report

Damien Hinds announces education drive in disadvantaged areas

Does youth policy and theory meet practice?

Youth Workers warn against drugs purchased through Social Media

Economic benefits of National Citizenship Service shown

Government announces £90m for youth employment initiative

Information Commissioners Office guidance on Data Protection regulations (GDPR)

Boy misses 2 terms of education because of LA failure

Early years settings to receive funding boost

Safeguarding Alert from Charity Commission

Schools failing young carers claim

Troubled Families initialive update

Call for youth workers ot receive hate crime training

Careers Strategy prioritises support for vulnerable young people

DfE announces a further £45m for SEND reform

DfE scales back social work accrediation

Reception classes fail 1 in 3 children

Stark increase in overweight young people

Call for action over youth NEET rates

Children's Services leaders urge action on home schooling

Gaslighting- How the perfect romance became a nightmare

Stop Loan Sharks Christmas Campaign

Autumn Budget 2017

BBC Mental Health Cartoon for children

Dometic Violence 'masks' other threats to children

Government ditches youth policy statement

Longfield calls to tackle informal exclusions

Minister urged to back full-time youth volunteering

Sector slams budget

Secure schools launching 2019