Children's Rights during Coronavirus - children's views and experiences

COVID-19 resources - guidance, tips and advice from Parentzone

HMRC Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - payment claims for December 2020

HMRC Transition Update

Lets Connect - wellbeing for youth workers

Lockdown 3 - childcare questions answered

Space Youth Project - January News letter

Stop Loan Sharks Winter Newsletter

ACAS Coronavirus Update - Homeworking Advice and Training

EDAS Young People Newsletter December 2020

Everything you need for a happy digital Christmas


Action for Children - Christmas Anxiety

Alcohol Education Trust Newsletter - December 2020

Children's Commission: What Children Think of Christmas

Legal Updates for Charities


OFSTED Annual Report

Online Advent Calender

ACAS eNewsletter and Employment Updates

Children and Young People's Mental Health from March to October 2020 Report

County Council Network: Child Protection

Education of poorest pupils 'suffered most' curing COVID isolation

Equality and Human Rights Commissions - Children's Rights COVID-19

NSPCC Baby Steps Programme - Podcasts

Sharing Videos and Images

Space Youth Project Newsletter - December 2020

Trial of a Dorset Youth Representative Newsletter

Call for Major Youth Investment

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Furlough Leave Agreement

Dorset Parent Carer Council Short Breaks - Email and Information

HMRC COVID-19 Support and Advice

Live Me - live streaming App - free resource

New report finds huge lockdown social divide

New research - gaming can improve mental health


Stop Loan Sharks Update

Volunteering Decision Tree

Be Internet Legends

Children's Commissioner Report - Some Sort of Normal

Community Groups in a Crisis - the first six months of a pandemic

HMRC COVID-19 Support Updated

Neighbourhood Watch launches PROTECT YOUR Pa$$wOrd Campaign with 3 quick easy steps

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter 09.11.2020

Free Legal Updates for VCSE Organisations 09.11.2020

Update from HMRC re Xmas pay dates

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter 02.11.2020

UK Youth Movement Update

Legal Updates for Charities and other VCS Organisations

ONS COVID-19 Latest Updates 02.11.2020

ACAS National Newsletter 03.11.2020

Guidance: Companies House Fee's

Build a more resilient  family community online

Space Youth Project November News

Dorset Council Residents Newsletter

Can a virtual friend help children with their feelings?

Coming Soon - The Legends Family Adventure

Dorset Community Action News 22/10/2020

Mental health of children and young people in the pandemic

NAVCA LINX 22/10/2020

NSPCC CASPAR News 23/10/2020

Pan-Dorset Safeguarding Children Newsletter

STARS Dorset News

The Fuse Project

Young Minds Report - young people returning to school and coronavirus

Can you help the Memory Box Project with our new initiative involving youth groups?

Dementia Pen Pals Information and Advert

State of the Nation 2020 - Children and Young People's Wellbeing Report

BCHA Steps To Success - leaflet and referral form

ACAS South West Newsletter 18/10/2020

NSPCC CASPAR 19th October

SWGfl Newsletter - 14th October

NYA Youth Work Curriculum

Family Lives Newsletter October 2020

MyTime - Employability Programme for Young Carers and Flyer

NAVCA LINX 8th October

NSPCC CASPAR 12th October

SLS International Credit Union Day Toolkit

SWGfl - So You Got Naked Online

UK Youth Movement Update

Video Chatting Parent Guide

Stop Loan Sharks Update

Your Digital Family - helping young people and parents share a happier digital life

ACAS National e-Newsletter

Babies in Lockdown Executive Summary

Dorset Family Information Service Newsletter

Loving relationships vital to children's wellbeing, young people say



Online Sexual Harm Reduction Guide

Parents in Sport Week 2020

Sexual Abuse Online - How Can I Help My Child?

Space Youth Project Newsletter

The Charity Commission update re AGM's

Alcohol Education Trust September News

All Youth Sector Venues Need an NHS Test and Trace QR Code

Download the new Test and Trace App

Help children become safe and confident explorers of the on-line world

Learning Curve - Reset, Recover, Reskill - bouncing back post COVID-19



Preventing Harmful Sexual Behaviour Toolkit

SWGfl News September 2020

UK Youth Movement Update

Action for Children Childhood During Coronavirus Report

Dorset Family Information Service Newsletter 23.09.2020

Dorset SEND Newsletter 23.09.2020

New Stop Loan Sharks reporting App launches this week

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter 21.09.2020

Parents Guide to YouTube Kids

Stop It Now - harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit September 2020

ACAS SW eNews 15.09.20

Healthwatch Dorset COVID-19 - What People are Telling Us

How to help your child recover from an on-line problem

Information Commissioners Office - launch of the Children's Code

Mental Health from COVID-19 - report from Public Health England

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter 15.09.2020

Podcast - Lessons From Lockdown

Safeguarding Children Newsletter September 2020

Space Youth Project September Newsletter

Twinkl #Learn #Educate #Change

UK Youth Movement Update 12.09.2020

Your Mind Your Say - full report from Healthwatch Dorset

ACAS - Ending and flexible Furlough

ACAS - varying and employment contract

The Space Between Us - report on children's mental health and well-being in isolated areas

Companies House - change of bank details

Coronavirus - online safety and return to school

COVID-19 Support from DTCP

Dorset Crisis Response Service

Dorset Mind well-being check in for 11-25's

NAVCA Linx 4th September 2020

NSPCC CASPAR News 8th September 2020

Open Letter to Dorset

Public Health - Approach to Vulnerability in Childhood and Understanding and Quantifying Vulnerability in Childhood

Schools response to COVID-19

World Suicide Prevention Day - 10th September 2020

Writing Competition and Short Story Brief

ACAS National Weekly Newsletter - 01.09.2020

Everything parents need to know about Fortnite

Free baby and toddler clothes available

Learning Curve Newsletter - 01.09.2020

NSPCC CASPAR News - 01.09.2020

SWGfl Newsletter - 01.09.2020

Twinkl free 'Back to School' resources

Safeguarding Standards and Guidance plus Safeguarding Checklist

UK Youth #YoungandBlack

UK Youth Movement Update 01.09.2020

ACAS free Digital Webinars

Barnardo's report half of parents struggle with children's behaviour in Lockdown

Children's Commissioner - Children without internet access during lockdown

Companies House - latest news

Dorset SEND Newsletter

Family Lives Newsletter

Free 'Crisis Decision Tool' for charities and social enterprise

Healthy and honest conversations with children around COVID-19

SEN free webinars - Back to School

NSPCC CASPAR newsletter

UK Parliament free online workshops

Your Mind Your Say - Healthwatch Dorset Report

ACAS South West Newsletter - Summer 2020

Activate - Summer in Dorset - spaces still available!!

Dorchester Community Mailout and Funding News

Free Early Years Webinars

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter 17.08.2020

Managing Youth Sector Activities and Spaces during COVID-19

Scouting 4 Week Challenge

UK Youth Movement Update 17.08.2020

Youth Work organisations giving young people a voice

12 Things To Do Over The Summer Break!

ACAS Newsletter August 2020

AET Summer Newsletter - August 2020

Life Under Lockdown - report from Save The Children

NAVCA Newsletter - August 2020

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter - August 2020

Screen Time and Pre-School Children

Space Youth Project - Newsletter August 2020

Covid-19 Posters

Dorset CCG Covide-19 update

What do parents need to know about Roblox

August Xchange newsletter

Safeguarding Children Newsletter - August 2020

ACAS Flexible Furlough Webinars

Children's Commissioner - Best Beginnings Report - July 2020

Coronavirus Young People's Mental Health

Dorset Mind Your Head Summer Support

Education for a Connected World - Audio update July 2020

FIS Things to do in Dorset this summer

Impact of COVID-19 on children and young people report

NCMD Summary Report on child suicide July 2020

Remote mental health interventions for young people

The Teenage Whisperer - The 1 Thing!

UK Youth Movement News

WSX Finance Week Webinars

Youth Violence Commission Report July 2020

ACAS Support - free templates for managers

Building Corporate Partnerships Report

Get free activities for a legendary summer

HMRC - get the latest on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

KOOTH free online counselling for young people

KOOTH - worried about going back to school and need to talk to someone?

NAVCA Linx 9th July

NSPCC CASPAR News 13th July 

Parent Zone - Parent Hub

HSE Risk Assessment for COVID-19

UK Youth Movement Update 13th July

What do parents need to know about Tik Tok

SWRAC - Getting Into Work - Pathways Profile - Post 16 Alternative Provision - Pre 16 Alternative Provision - Prep for Life Course - Prep for Life Profile - Traineeship Plus - Referral Form

ACAS Mock Employment Tribunal COVID-19 Health and Safety Discrimination

ACAS South West Newsletter - July 2020

Companies House News Updates

Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act comes into force

Dorset Police Cyber Crime Prevention Toolkit (digital)

Dorset SEND Newsletter - 6th July

End of School Year - free transition resources

Information Commissioners Office News Update July 2020

NAVCA Linx Newsletter - July 2020

Pan-Dorset Safeguarding Children Newsletter - July 2020

Space Youth Project Newsletter and watch Helen's radio interview (not to be missed!)

UK Youth Movement Update

Xchange eNews July 2020

COVID-19 Guidance for the Charity Sector

COVID-19 Support for parents and carers to keep children safe on-line

Digisafe - safeguarding guide for charities taking services on-line

Face coverings and when to use them

Family Lives Newsletter - June 2020

I Live In Dorset - competition for children and young people

Mobilise Youth Workers to help young people out of Lockdown, NYA says

NAVCA Linx Newsletter - 30th June 2020

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter - 30th June 2020

Resources to help you talk to your child about racisim

SWGfl Newsletter - June 2020

Useful resources to help UK not for profits

ACAS COVID-19 Updates for Employers

Alcohol Education Trust Newsletter - June 2020

'Uniquely Me' Parent Guide

Help your child make positive cyber choices

NSPCC CASPAR Newsletter - June 2020

NYA launches COVID-19 guidance for youth work organisations

Participation People - why is communication important to young people when  talking to decision makers

STARS Dorset Newsletter - June 2020

Creative Kids - Summer Holiday Arts Club

5 Point Plan - CYP VCFSE Recovery - May 2020

Ambitious About Autism - free illustrated story download

COVID Briefing Notes - VCS

COVID-19 Social Distancing Guides for YFC's

Dorset SEND Newsletter - June 2020

FREE Early Years Webinars

NSPCC Caspar News Update - June 2020

Stop Loan Sharks Partner Update - June 2020

Street Risk Assessment COVID-19

Supporting Children and Teenagers During COVID-19 from Gov.UK

UK Youth Innovator Round Up

UK Youth Movement Update

V2 Street Based CV19 Guidance

Michael McIntyre's Fortune-teller clip

Assessing Health & Safety risks in uncertain times

Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole Council Discretionary grant scheme for small business support

Children's professionals highlight areas of major concern

Covid-19 update on benefits

Families Under Pressure

FIS update on schools and childcare

Children returning to school's health & wellbeing toolkit launch

Learning During The Lockdown - real time data on children's experiences during home learning

Children and young people's services funding and spending

Coronavirus NSPCC experiences of children and young people

Coronavirus NSPCC resources for voluntary and community sector

Coronavirus NSPCC health and wellbeing of disabled children

Dorset NHS CCG Coronavirus Update 22nd May 2020

Dorset SEND Newsletter 22nd May 2020

KOOTH how COVID-19 is affecting the mental health of children and young people

KOOTH Isolation COVID-19

Legal Updates Coronavirus - SSP and Furlough Scheme 27th May 2020

Public Health Dorset - Looking After Younger Minds

Shifting to Digital Services

Small Charity Week Free Resources

Discover KOOTH

KOOTH Need to Talk

Working Safely Guide

9 Tips to Increase and Maintain Remote Worker Motivation

Anthony Collins Solicitor Updates

Businesses should pass three tests before bringing their people back to work

Furlough Leave Agreement

Dorset SEND Newsletter - May 2020

Guidance from Government published to help employer's keep woprkplaces safe

Legal Update Employment - Furlough Scheme

Newsletter UK Youth - May 2020

Coping With Stress and Anxiety

Pause to Learn

Young Enterprise Digital Toolkits

A guide to reporting on Social Media Apps

A guide to video chatting

Coronavirus Online Safety

Coronavirus Social Care Legislation

Digital Opportunities from Ignite, BCHA

Dorset SEND Newsletter 7th May 2020

EDASS Podcast on substance misuse and mental health

Guidance on returning to work

Out of Sight - COVID-19 Report

Parentzone Digital Resilience Resources 

Compelling employees to take annual leave on Furlough

Resources for children and young people in isolation and lockdown

Rewarding Excellence Across the Children's Workforce

Supporting children through the pandemic

Supporting your child's emotional resilience

Where should we draw tech boundaries in lockdown

Working safely during COVID-19 offices and call centres

Advance Academies - Online Apprenticeships

British Red Cross Support Line

CitA Dorset Energy Advice COVID-19

Employer's CJRS Guidance Update - 1st May 2020

EUSS Project Update

How to apply for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme

NHS CCG Coronavirus Update 6th May 2020

Staying Well at Home

Temporary Change in the Law for ECHP's

XChange Newsletter - May 2020

Getting Ready For The Fallout - report from IVAR April 2020

Charities Will Face New Pressures When Lockdown Lifts - says IVAR report

DCA Support During Coronavirus - 24th April 2020

Generous donors urged to give safely to registered charities this Ramadan

How to work from home when the children are around

Working From Home - protocol template for guidance

Information Commissioners Office - Furloughed Staff and Volunteering

Information Commissioners Office - Video Conferencing - What to Look Out For

Joint Council for Qualifications

Legal Updates for VCSE Organisations - 28th April 2020

Latest Update to Companies House Services

Be Aware of Bogus Officials

Dorset Council Coronavirus Timeline

YGAM - Building Resilience Around Gaming and Gambling

Young Technicians from Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis and flyer

CAB Continuing Service Through Coronavirus Crisis

You First - Supporting Victims of Domestic Abuse During COVID-19 - information - brochure

Dorset SEND Newsletter - April 2020

Furlough - do you need the employee's written agreement?

HSE Coronavirus - latest advice and information

Information from Sexual Health Dorset

Legal Update 21.04.2020 - Employment Furlough Scheme

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Public Liability Offer for Informal Volunteers

Supporting Muslim Colleagues Through Ramadan

Furlough Leave Agreement - letter template for employers

Latest Updates to Companies House Services

New Resources to Support the Nations Mental Health

Parentzone Update

Coronavirus and Isolation - Supporting Yourself and Your Colleagues

DFE Online Educational Resources

Easter Activities For Home Learning - Free Access Code

Happy Families - Happy Futures have gone virtual

News and Information from Dorset Council SEND

Pan Dorset Safeguarding Cell Update April 2020

COVID-19 - Looking After Your Feelings

Safeguarding and DBS Factsheet FAQ's

Stay at Home Resources for children, families, adults and keyworkers

The Best Things to do When you Can't Leave Home

Coronavirus 5 key resources for children, young people and families

Coronavirus Advice from ACAS

COVID and guidance for the Gypsy Traveller Community

COVID-19 - Support for Businesses

Government Coronavirus advice for charities update

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others

Advice for parents and entertaining children at home

Your organisation and Coronavirus

New website to support youth workers to continue to support young people

Working from home with Display Screen Equipment


For the most recent Family Information Service and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities newsletters please go to: newsletters for families

Dorset Council SEND Newsletter - June

Family Information Service Newsletter - June

Sexual Health Dorset newsletter - June

Stop Loan Sharks Partner Update - June

Space Youth Project newsletter - June

Parent Zone newsletter - June

Understanding Our Changing Population - Statistics That Count

Xchange enews June 2020

Pan Dorset Safeguarding News March 2020

Dorset Services for Children - Partnership E-Bulletin and Co-Production poster - March 2020

The 21st Century Public Servant Report and Powerpoint

Charity Risk Barometer - Risk & Reward

Changing your Charity Structure update from the Charity Commission

How to remove Trustee's legal name on Charity Register from the Charity Commission

Regional Cyber bulletin

Bullying and Cyberbullying toolkit

South West Police Cyber Crime Newsletter

New guide to community asset transfer Trustee Disqualification rule changes resources available

New welcome pack for Charity Trustees

Charity Trustee: Find out what's involved guide

Find new Trustees guide

The Essential Trustee guide

Make sure you are ready for GDPR

GDPR guide for charities

Christchurch Community news

New Early Years Toolkit available

The FixUp Newsletter

The performance of the NHS in England in transforming children's mental health services

Dorset Safe Schools & Communities Online Safety and Anti-bullying newsletter

Toolkits & Guidance

Charities - Reopening Safely

Leaving School this Summer?

Summer of Little Wins

Keeping to the Facts

Reopening community building after Covid-19 information sheet

Working towards a stronger VCS Voice  report

Learning Curve - free online training

Coronavirus advice update for employers from ACAS

Stop Loan Sharks

Coronavirus - latest advice

Aviva Foundation Knowledge hub

Coronavirus advice for employers

How online games encourage children to play and pay

Vegan Society publishes guide for employers and guide

Books to help children with mental health

Cybersecurity update including Windows 7

Energy Advice - Save Energy this Winter

The Road Ahead: What's next for the VCS?

Don't mix cannabis and drinking research

Government launches charity safeguarding portal

See It Differently This January videos

Use of technology by Children and Young People report

Lets get Weather Ready - help and advice resource

FREE one hour phone call to talk digital for charities

'How do you measure social impact' video

ACAS guidance for employers on workplace issues over winter months

Help 15 to 18 year-olds manage money and understand gambling

Know the Stakes - Help young people control their finances and understand the risk of gambling

The effect of alcohol on driving and perception

LGBT Guide for Parents

Charity Annual Returns Update on IT system changes

Gaming or Gambling? Report

Safeguarding for Charities & Trustees

Preventing Charity Cybercrime report

Hungry Little Minds campaign toolkit

How Trustees can work with Managers to keep children and young people safe

Managing Safeguarding risks when planning activities

New Parent Zone project will develop a 'digital family support worker'

Tik-Tok App - what parents should know

Today is World Menopause Day

Using Twitter guidance


15 Apps parents should know about

Report on Action to Better Support young people

Criminal Record Checks and GDPR

County Lines podcast

Gift Aid & Gift Aid Small Donations scheme update

SW Cyber Crime Unit: Small Business Guide to response & recovery from a cyber incident

The Role of the Child Protection Lead in voluntary & community groups Podcast

Innovations in Community-Centred support - a new resource

County Lines podcast

National Cyber Security Centre : Small Business Guide

Breast Ironing recognised as abuse

Heatwave information and advice

Safeguarding in voluntary and community groups

Unsecured Databases Cyber Security

Gift Aid update

Protecting 16-17 year old from sexual abuse

Cyber Advice from Action Fraud

Small business guide to Response & Recovery from a cyber incident

Online Hate - toolkit now available

Online Safety - report on the role of technology within families and online safety

Safer Activities & Events information for voluntary sector organisations from the NSPCC

Trustee recruitment guidance

Internet crackdown - BBC webpage for children and young people and families

Breast Ironing Briefing

Medical Examination for CSA concerns - report and short film for professionals to support parents 

Mosaic - School Bereavement Pack 

Free Trustee recruitment & retention guidance from Getting on Board

Guidance for charities with a connection to a non-charity update

Multi-agency working best practise from NSPCC

NSPCC - Snapshot Report on young witnesses policy & practice

#childrensmentalhealthweek diary activity

Child abuse & neglect NICE quality standards

'Good Work' report

Vulnerable Children in a Digital World report

Children and Young People's screen based activities commentary

Young people in custody - rights and entitlements

How to report a serious incident in your charity

Mental Health Support website

Safeguarding & Protecting People for charities and trustees

Social Media tips for charities

How well is one young person doing compared with others

Tips & Templates for Trustee meetings

Home Office County Lines guidance

New guide for parents on social media and mental health

Supporting mental health at work guidance

Support Good Mental Health in the workplace with new digital gateway

Convert a CIC to a CIO

Employment References - what to ask and answer

How can small charities best measure their impact and impact glossary

NSPCC learning now launched

Safeguarding for Trustees summary

Local Authority interactive data comparison tool

Asking for criminal record information review for employers

Charity Commission guidance on Automatic Disqualification

Guidance on recruiting Trustees and Senior Managers with Criminal Records from Charity Commission

Charity Commission publishes the New Annual Return document

Games and online safety website for 8-10 year olds

Therapeutic interventions after abuse and neglect

Home Alone - guide to keeping children safe

Simple guide to Tax Relief for Charities and Social Enterprise

Benefit Mythbuster online tool

Information sharing advice for Safeguarding Children and Young People

New guide for Parents on Social Media and Mental Health

Are employees SmartPhones putting your company at risk of Cybercrime?

Statutory Guidance on 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' 2018

Guide to TUPE transfers updated

Get young people cash confident - interactive videos

NSPCC How safe are our children report

Runaway Helpline poster and leaflet

Prepare for the Charity Annual Return 2018 changes

Digital resources for charities

Clarity CIC's blog

Autism Awareness learning resource for practitioners

Calculating the ROI of your community

Five common GDPR mistakes

Infomation Commissioners Officer guide on Consent and GDPR

Update to NetAware website and app for professionals and parents on digital updates

Charity cyber Guidance

Online Health & Safety Toolbox

Time to spring clean employment contracts

An employers guide to supporting talented young people into work

Basic Criminal Records checks

Community Amateur Sports Club scheme update

Free resources for charities

New rules on Automatic Disqualification for Trustees

Health & Safety made simple for ALL businesses

Changes to disqualification of Trustees and Senior Managers

Institute for Voluntary Action Research - new advice microsite avaiable

The Fundraiser Regulator - bitesize brief

Charitable Company conversion to CIO

EIF Guide - Reducing impact of interparental conflict

Free First Aid app

Protect your charity from Fraud - guidance from The Charity Commission

Young Brent Foundation offer of support

Reality Check - Resources for young people on identifying fake news

NSPCC guidance on Safeguarding

Statutory Payments increasing from April 2018 guide on Community Interest Companies

Strengthening your Board podcast

Trustee induction pack from NCVO

SCIE Improving Mental Health report

My Community Rights support programme

Protect your charity from fraud - Charity Commission guidance

Directors of Children's Services launches new Internet Safety Strategy

HSE publication - Young People and Work Experience Guide

Information about fraud - how to spot and protect against it.

Early Years Toolkit available

Children after Sexual Abuse in the Family paper

How to report serious incidents in your charity guidance

Illegal Money Lending guide

Making sense of social prescribing

Practical tips for living with depression as a parent

Accounting Templates for Charitable Companies

Direct Marketing blocking app

Revolving Door Report from Action for Children

Safeguarding and radicalisation report

Child friendly resource on Children's Rights

Stop & Search guide for parents and children

How Safe are our Children Report

Online Safety conversations

Preventing child sexual abuse insight and blog from NSPCC

What is Social Care and how does it work?

Surviving Break-ups

Register of persons with significant control for charitable companies

Womens & Girls Facebook safety guide

'How do I know if I'm being groomed' video

Charity Best Practices for Fundraising and Data Protection

NSPCC Safeguarding in the VCS guidance

Are you a digital dinosaur?

Poverty is making children sick report

Talking Terrosim - advice for parents

Financial Governance - Gentle guide for charity trustees

Using standarised measures to evaluate

Gender-sensetive approaches to addressing emotional & mental health wellbeing

Young People Mobile Device Use survey results

Cultural markers in Charities

Childline App launches