As a member of the 0-19 VCS Forum, Dorchester Boxing Club became aware of new funding opportunities for the club from the Information Alerts they received.

In 2010, one of the young members of the boxing club asked for support to apply to a local funding group run by young people for young people, who provided grant funding to benefit young people and their communities.  He had already identified a need within the club but asked for help to take his ideas forward.

We looked at the funding grant form to identify how to answer the questions and express his plans in the best way possible.  I set him the task of looking at how the need for the equipment had been identified, who it would be available to, how much funding was required and the benefits and impact for the young people.  We agreed a deadline to complete this task to fit with the timescale of the funder.

Following questions and discussions, the young person finalised his application and it was submitted on time.  I received a letter of thanks when he finally heard the funding was successful.  This was a small amount of funding but as well as considering the process of applying for funding, it allowed the young person to become more motivated and engaged with the club, take on other roles working with the younger club members and extending his responsibilities.