This FREE programme is for families with a young person aged 10-14 years and runs for two hours, one evening a week, for six weeks.  The sessions are split into two – the first hour being the parents / carers and young people working in separate skill building groups and the second hour together in supervised family activities. Youth sessions focus on strengthening goal setting, dealing with stress and strong emotions, communication skills, increasing responsible behaviour, and improving skills to deal with peer pressure.  Parents’ topics include making house rules, encouraging good behaviour, using consequences, building bridges, and protecting against alcohol and substance misuse.  Families have fun in activities and games, discuss what makes a family strong and solve problems together.

Each week we start with refreshments for families as we understand that evenings are very busy for families – our aim is to help families attend in any way we can.  Evening programmes start at around 5.30pm for refreshments, with the programme running from 6-8pm.

For those families with younger siblings it may be possible to contribute towards costs incurred for baby sitting in the families own homes, or with a friend or neighbour. Specific requirements will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Who can refer?                                                                                             

This programme is open to all families. Parents or young people can refer themselves onto the programme by contacting us, or by speaking to the school practitioners they are already working with.

If you have any questions please contact Lynne Rockey on 01305 262440.

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