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As children grow up and seek their independence, it can feel that they turn more to other people to share their thoughts and concerns, or can even stop sharing their worries altogether and try to deal with things alone.  Small worries can then easily grow into something that can feel too big to cope with, leading to stress, impacting on everyone’s mental health and could breakdown peer and family relationships.

We offer both the SFP 10-14 and SFP 6-10 to enable families with 6 to 14 year olds to attend and benefit from the Strengthening Families Programme.

This is also a time when so many parents, rightly so, want to show their trust in their child and, for example, grant them the wish of taking getting to school alone.  Whilst this is a great step for children, it can be a tough time for parents as they lose time with their child to talk about their day as well as the peer support from other parents at the school gates.


“Knowing you are not alone” and “that other parents struggle too” is the most powerful feedback we receive from families who have come to our sessions.  The opportunity for parents to talk to other parents, share their own experiences and concerns can so often help affirm that actually we are doing ok as parents and gives us the confidence to keep going through the tough days.


Our sessions give parents and their children a safe, supported space to build their relationship by learning skills and coping techniques for difficult situations, and provides help to recognise good choices and healthy ways of managing those more difficult and challenging times together.


To join us for afternoon tea with your child and make sure you don’t miss out on your FREE place, just ring or email for a booking form and take that first step to making yours a STRONGER FAMILY.

Each week we start with refreshments for families as we understand that evenings are very busy for families – our aim is to help families attend in any way we can.  Evening programmes start at around 5.30pm for refreshments, with the programme running from 6-8pm.

For those families with younger siblings it may be possible to contribute towards costs incurred for baby sitting in the families own homes, or with a friend or neighbour. Specific requirements will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Who can refer?                                                                                             

This programme is open to all families. Parents or young people can refer themselves onto the programme by contacting us, or by speaking to the school practitioners they are already working with.

If you have any questions please contact Lynne Rockey on 01305 262440.

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