Our Sportivate project which ran between April 2016 and March 2017 was a continuation of the Fit4Life programme previously funded by the Health and Wellbeing Legacy Fund. We were able to partner with Active Dorset and Sport England to offer this further programme for 1 year.

We aimed to work with 100 young people throughout the course of the year. These young people would vary in aged between 11 and 25 years old and primarily be inactive, not traditionally involved in sport or facing some kind of disadvantage. We chose to offer a multisport programme that would allow a more broad scope of young people to take part as we knew there would be something we could offer that would cater to most young people’s needs. Sports on offer ranged from Football, Hockey, Dodgeball, Kwik Cricket, Handball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Ultimate Frisbee. Young people were integral in the development of the programme as it was they who chose the sports that we did during each 6 session programme.

We were able to offer this programme to the young people attending 5 recently reopened youth centres in the shire county of Dorset; this allowed us to work with social groups in their local venue, with workers that they knew. This was following Sport England’s report stating that young people were more inclined to take part in physical activity if it involved their social group.


Throughout the course of the programme we engaged 133 young people surpassing our targets by 33%, 112 (84%) of these young people also returned regularly and attended 5 or more sessions that we ran, allowing us to make a real impact to their physical and mental wellbeing