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Parent Relationship Support Digital Pathway

Information Session


Monday 24th January

11.00am – 12.30pm


This information session will provide an opportunity for you to;


  • refresh your knowledge of the importance of positive parent relationships for children
  • introduce you to the resources that are available for parents within the digital pathway
  • understand when and how the digital pathway can support families
  • explore your role to help parents to engage with the resources


This information session is suitable for practitioners, workers and volunteers supporting children

and their families living within Dorset Council Local Authority area.


The parent relationship support digital pathway can help parents whether together or separated to communicate

effectively during transitions points (separation or becoming parents for the first time) or at times of high stress.


The resources included within the digital pathway would not be suitable if there are concerns

about domestic abuse, including coercive control.


Feedback from practitioners who have helped parents to engage with the resources;

‘The ‘Getting on Better’ cards and the resources are very user friendly and visually motivational and this engages the parents and allows them to use positive strategies that focus on their behaviours around their children’


‘The video clips are very direct and thought provoking as they are very real life scenarios. The majority of parents have seen or been part of these situations and they are able to focus on the child with a higher degree of empathy that does have a sobering effect on them’


‘There have been many positive comments made by parents who have confirmed that they have felt that life has overtaken them, work, health, their own thoughts and feelings all have clouded their ability to engage positively with their children’


If you would like further information please contact 01305 228460

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