Young person has been living in a tent throughout Dorchester. Has been through various housing support agencies and been kicked out of most establishments due to excessive drinking, drugs and all around bad behaviour. Young person was accessing Routes as they found it a safe place to go. They were also able to access food, shower and washing facilities here at Routes. It was explained that whilst we were happy for him to access this service it was important we put together a plan of action to obtain housing and support for some of his ongoing issues. Young person admitted to hearing voices specifically one that would push him to do things that may be a little out of character. At this point they were referred to CMHT.

Behaviour was worsening to the point where the Police were arresting him regularly for shoplifting and drunk and disorderly charges.

Through receiving support from Routes and referral agencies 6 months down the line our young person has secured a place in a supported accommodation property, gaining support with his addiction problems and stayed clear of any criminal activity for over 4 months.