Funding Deadlines 



COVID-19 Recovery Funding for Youth Centres closes 4pm 31st March

The Veterans Fund - closes 31st March

The Masonic Charitable Foundation Children and Young People Grant Programme - closes 31st March 2021

The Tweed Charitable Trust - closes 31st March 2021


The Leathersellers Company Charitable Trust Small Grants Programme - various deadlines in April and May 2021

Made By Sport (UK) - available from 12th April 2021

Youth Endowment Fund - Diversion from the Criminal Justice System - opens 19th April 2021

The Thomas Wall Trust Charities Grant Programme - 30th April 2021

The Hilden Charitable Trust - closes 16th April

The 7Stars Foundation - first deadline 30th April


The Ragdoll Foundation - deadline 7th May 2021


The Toy Trust - deadline 30th June 2021

The Stop Loan Sharks Community Fund - closes 30th June 2021








Dorset Council Tender - Family Group Conferences Service for Children and Young People

The Provision of Advocacy and an Independent Visitor Scheme for Children and Young People

Dorset Council - SENDIASS Service

Funding Information

Awards for All accepting applications

NLCF Covid-19 funding - open to apply

Feedback from the Dorset Council Commissioning Dorset Families Matter copy of event notes, presentation, responses to questions raised

Comic Relief & Groundwork launch a new Community Fund for England

VCSEs - A Bidders guide to working with Government

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust increases grant giving

VCSE - A Bidders Guide to working with Central & Local Government

BIG Lottery and Heritage Lottery announce name change

FREE websites for small charities

Health Lottery Funding to open soon for Dorset

Applying to a fund - where to start

Joseph Rowntree Trust - information on forthcoming deadlines

NCS to roll out new contracts for local groups

Old Chestnut: Core Costs - recommendation document

GRANTfinder Services now on G-Cloud Framework

Dept of culture, Media & Sport provides £1m for public service mutuals

Tesco's Bags of Help - support available for anyone wanting to bid

vInspired introduces £1million incentive for volunteers

Back of the Sofa maximising income free offer

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation Changes announced

Largest 300 UK Foundations award £2.9 billion in funding

What is commissioning and how is it changing publication

Social Prescribing Fund from Dept of Health

Facebook Donate now availabe in UK

Big Lottery Fund Update Guidance for Awards for All

Disabled Facilities at home grant

DFM Support Package Guidance on Supplying The South West and Slides

Step Up to Serve information

DFM Support Package Market Engagement document, powerpoint, FAQ sheet

Finding Funders opportunity

DCC Dorset Fundfinder tool now available

Donate fundraising tool

Ongoing Funding / Rolling Programmes

The Rockley Charitable Trust

The Capsicum Foundation

The Headley trust

The Maria Bjornsom Memorial Fund

The Foyle Foundation

Sport for Good Fund

The 7Stars Foundation

The Boshier Hinton Foundation

The Foyle Foundation Small Grant programme

The Hargreaves Foundation

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation

The Edgar Lee Foundation

The Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation

The National Hockey Foundation

The Thompson Family Charitable Trust

Digital Transformation Fund

The Boodle and Dunthorpe Trust

The Rayden Charitable Trust

The Souter Trust

Family Action Grants

Garfield Weston Foundation

The Charlotte Heber-Percy Charitable Trust

The Chesterhill Charitable Trust Ltd

The Dixie Rose Finlay Charitable Trust

The Joron Charitable Trust

The Swan Mountain Trust

The Frognall Trust

The G D Charitable Trust

The Hendy Foundation

The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust Small Donations Scheme

The St Jude Trust

St James's Place Bank Charitable Foundation

The Birthday House Trust

The Goldsmiths Company Charity

The John Beckwith Charitable Trust

The Kathleen Laurence Trust

The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation

Comic Relief Community Fund

The Cotton Trust

The Enterprise Development Programme

The Hargreaves Foundation

The Les Mills Fund for Children

The Rayne Foundation

The Souter Charitable Trust

Tesco Bags of Help Grant Programme

Bernard Sunley Grants

The Clara E Burgess Charity

The Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation

The Jerusalem Trust

The Cayo Foundation

The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust

The Lloyds Bank Foundation

The Robyn Charitable Trust

The Wakeham Trust

Ward Blenkinsop Foundation

Sport England Small Grants

The Daytrippers Foundation Day Trips Grants

The De Brye Charitable trust

The 4814 Trust

The GD Charitable Trust

The Ragdoll Foundation

The Thompson Family Charitable Trust

The Thompson Family Foundation

Langdale Trust

The Belacqua Charitable Trust

The JJ Charitable Trust

The Richard & Ingrid Pilkington Charitable trust

The Swire Charitable Trust

The Toy Trust

Comic Relief & Groundwork new community fund

The Ferguson Charitable Trust

The Ann Rylands Small Donations programme

The John Coates Charitable Trust

The Marshall & Viggars Charitable Trust

The Morrisons Foundation

Back her business initiative for more female entrepreneurs

Disabled Facilities for individuals grants

Funding to support holiday provision for disadvantaged children in the UK

Impetus Private Equity Foundation

New Fund for frontline organisations tackling loneliness

The Community Business Trad-up programme

The Foyle Foundation small grants scheme

The Henry Smith Charity Christian Projects

The Hilden Charitable Fund

The Rind  Foundation

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 Capital grants

The Rural Four Grant programme

Youth Music Programme

The Hedley Foundation

The Astor Foundation

The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

The Emerton-Christie Charity

The Oliver Ford Will Trust

Community Business Trade-Up Programme open

The Casey Trust

The Garfield Weston Foundation

The Wooden Spoon Society

The Ashley Family Foundation

Jephcott Charitable Trust

Comic Relief Community Fund

The Balon Foundation

The David Solomons Charitable Trust

The Kathleen Laurence Trust

The South Street Green Room Foundation

The Stan Vidler Memorial trust

The Yapp Charitable Trust

The Hodge Foundation

The Sterry Family Foundation

Happy Days Funding for children and young people with special needs

The Adinit Charitable Trust

Grants for the Weymouth Area now open

The Asda Foundation Funds

Backing Youth Ambition

Buttle UK Young People Programme

Creative Enterprise New Ideas Fund

NCS Market Engagement - Additional Capacity in 2020

Santander Breakthrough Programme

The Angus Allnatt Charitable Foundation

The Basil Samuel Charitable Trust

The Casey Trust

The Chesterhill Charitable Trust

The Hays Travel Foundation

The Hendy Foundation

The Terence Cole Foundation

The Three Monkies Trust

The Variety Club Youth Club Grants

Woodward Charitable Trust

The Asda Foundation Significant Local Community Project Grants

The John Lewis Foundation

Morrisons Foundation

The Boshier-Hilton Foundation

The Truemark Trust

Wilko Helping Hands

The Performing Rights Society for Music Fund

The Rest Harrow Trust

Computers for Rural people

Grants to improve playing fields and sports facilities

The B&CE Charitable Trust

The Cobb Charity

The Lionel Wigram Memorial trust

The Oliver Stanley Charitable trust

The REACH Fund

The Vardy Foundation

The Blyth Watson Charitable Trust

The National Lottery Heritage Fund

The Treebeard Trust

Ibrahim Foundation

The Belvedere Trust

The GS Plaut Charitable Trust

The Master Charitable Trust

The Swift Initiative 2

New Grant Programme to support grassroots organisations kick-start local employment initiatives - Open until October 2020

The Grace Trust

The Dorothy Holmes Charitable Trust

The Frazer Trust

The Pat Newman Memorial trust

The Unltd Impact Trust

Construction Industry Training Board Construction Skills Grants

ESFA Community Training Grants launch in Dorset

The Douglas Arter Foundation

The Richard Davies Charitable Trust

The St James's Place Charitable Foundation

The Marshall and Viggars Charitable Trust

The Wakeham Trust

The Bruce Wake Charity

The Christopher Laing Foundation

The Coral Samuel Charitable Trust

The Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund South West

The Jerwood Charitable Foundation

The Thompson Family Charity Trust

The Amateurs Trust

The Clothworkers Foundation

The Pewterers Charitable Trust

The QBE Foundation grants programme

Buttle UK Young People

The Ancaster Trust

The Blyth Watson Charitable Trust

The Cayo Foundation

The Creative Enterprise New Ideas Fund

The Fenton Arts Trust

The Foyle Foundation Main Grants Programme

The Hollick Family Foundation

The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust

The Richard Davies Charitable Trust

The TMT Foundation

Sport England Community Asset Fund

The Blue Spark Foundation

Funding to enhance the Quality of Life of People in Need

The Aga Khan Foundation

The Maurice Cecil Johnes Lloyd Trust Fund

The Altajir Trust

The Central Social and Recreational Trust

The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust

Football facilities small grant fund

Oliver Ford Charitable Trust

David & Ruth Lewis Family Trust

The Hobson Charitable Trust

The Hodge Foundation

Kathleen Laurence Trust

The M&H Cadbury Trust

The Ernest Cook Trust

The Helping Hand Fund

Happy Days Childrens Charity

The Ashley Family Foundation

The Toy Trust

The Wooden Spoon Charity

The Rank Foundation Pebbles Grants

Funding for International School Exchanges

Mark Leonard Trust

Tesco Bags of Help

Rank Foundation Pebbles Grants

The George John & Sheilah Livanos trust

The Lovelace Trust

The Rayne Trust

Clothworkers Fund

The Alex Dickinson Trust

The Archer Trust

The Cuthbert Horn Trust

The First Steps Enterprise Fund

The Gosling Foundation

The Holbeck Charitable Trust

BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme and guide for referrers

Family Fund for families with severely disabled children

The Maurice Hatter Foundation

The Ward Blenkinsop Trust

Alex Dickson Trust

The Frognal Trust

The Percy Bilton Charity

The Wakeham Trust

The Rayne Foundation

The Asda Foundation

The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust

Safer Dorset Fund Community Grants

The Tudor Trust

Big Local Funding available for Littlemoor

Henry Smith Charity Strengthening Communities Programme

Dickie Bird Foundation

EU Settlement Schemes funding

HDH Wills Trust

The Alchemy Foundation

The February Foundation

The Noel Buxton Trust

One Stop Carriers for Causes funding

Joseph Strong Frazer Trust

The Lush Charity Pot

The Nineveh Charity Trust

The Woodroffe Benton Foundation

BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Powerpoint

Nesta Launches Social Impact Fund for Arts and Culture

The Barrow Cadbury Trust Economic Justice Programme

The British Humane Association

The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust

The Dorothy Hay-Bolton Trust

The DWF Charitable Foundation

The Heinz Kroch Foundation

The Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust

The Nicholas and Judith Goodison Trust

The Hollick Family Foundation

The Reach Fund

The Silver Family Trust

The Daytrippers Foundation

The Health & Wellbeing Challenge Fund

The Minton Trust

The Yapp Charitable Trust

The D'Oyly Carte Trust

Provision of Services for children in Somerset Framework

South West Foundation small grants

BIG Lottery Fund Partnership Fund

May & Stanley Smith Trust

The Alec Dickson Trust

The Angus Allnatt Foundation

Boost Charitable Trust

Jephcott Charitable Trust

Inspiring Impact Programme

One Stop Grants

Percy Bilton Charity

Lloyds Bank Enable Grant

Funding to deliver projects using Sports & Sporting Facilities

Funding for Heritage Projects

Porticus UK for education, society, faith and care

The Astor Foundation

The Fitton Trust

The Hollick Family Trust

Awards for All

The Cuthbert Horn Trust

The Hedley Denton Trust

Family Action Grants

Peace First Challenge for funding

The Family Fund

The Santander Foundation

V Inspired Cashpoint Loud & Proud

Yapp Charitable Trust

Blue Spark Foundation

The Bruce Wake Trust

The Coral Samuel Trust

The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

Grants for Websites

Heart of Experian Fund

The Hedley Foundation

Richard Davies Foundation

True Colours Trust

The Weldon UK Trust

The Forward Enterprise Trust

The Marsh Christian Trust

Funding for new websites

Albert van den Bergh Trust

John and Diana Kemp Trust

The Materna Foundation

Sports Aid National Grants