If you want to work with or for children, young people and their families and do not currently engage with the 0 - 25 VCS Forum and would like to know more, please see our leaflet

0-25 VCS Forum - coming meetings and training sessions:

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis - we have moved to regular virtual meetings via Zoom until it is safe for us all to meet again face to face.

Minutes and Information from Dorset Council Local Alliance Groups (LAG's)

Chesil LAG (0-25 VCS Forum Champion / Rep - Harriet Laurie)

Meeting Minutes 17th November 2020

Chesil Locality Team Information

New Model for Children's Services

Forward Planner

Dorchester LAG (0-25 VCS Forum Champion/ Rep - Helen Horsley)

Agenda 4th December 2020

Forward Planner and Terms of Reference

East Dorset LAG (0-25 VCS Forum Champion / Rep - Alison McClurg)

Minutes November 2020

North Dorset LAG (0-25 VCS Forum Champion / Rep - Julie Plumley)

Agenda 27th November 2020

Forward Planner 2020

Purbeck LAG (0-25 VCS Forum Champion / Rep - Joyce Spiller)

Agenda 2nd December 2020

Forward Planning 2020

Terms of Reference

Minutes 2nd December 2020

New Model for Children's Services

West Dorset LAG (0-25 VCS Forum Champion / Rep - Helen Horsley)

Meeting Dates 2021

Minutes 2nd March 2021

Cover email 23.03.2021

Updated Terms of Reference

Harbour Presentation

Data Presentation

Member Agreement

Minutes 10th December 2020

Terms of Reference

New Model for Children's Services

Strategic Alliance Board

SACYP Presentation - 7th December 2020


Youth at Risk Groups – Lead Contacts for each Area

Targeted Youth Workers contact details and areas covered

New Locality Model presentation

Dorset Council Children's Services Structure

Joining the FPZ Partnership Site (Sharepoint) Data and Permission Request Form and

Quick Reference Guide Code of Conduct

Minutes from 0-25 VCS Meetings

Notes from Virtual Meeting with Theresa Leavy, Director People - Children, Dorset Council - 6th May 2020 plus DC Structure and GIS Mapping - Shielded Families plus responses to our questions

Notes from Virtual Meeting 30th April 2020

Notes from Virtual Zoom Meeting 16th April 2020

Minutes from the 0-19 VCS Forum meeting 21st January 2020

Minutes from other Boards

Feedback from our Health & Wellbeing Rep - Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council presentation, Dorset Presentation and Dorset Council Personalisation & Prevention presentation

DSCB feedback

Children's Trust Board - minutes, Family Partnership Zone Structure, FPZ powerpoint, living and learning notes

Health & Wellbeing Board notes 

Dorset Communities Forum feedback

Clinical Commissioning Group update

Dorset Families Matter Board notes